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The Migration Experts

We will help and guide you to get the most out of your migration

You Know The Problem…

Either your are looking into a new aquisition and you need to evaluate the opportunities for an upcoming migration into your own brand.

Or you already have multiple brands in your group and you facing problems with legacy systems and brands. Increasing support and maintenance costs and decreasing NPS.

Migration can be the key, but…

Migration is much more than just copying some data!

The impact of a migration project can easily be overrated.

Migration affects almost your whole organisation. Beside the technical ressources on both side (old brand and target system) you need to align with support, marketing, legal, billing and controlling. As cross-team collaboration is rarely as good as it should be, things get frequently forgotten as migration work comes in addition to the daily business.

Risks needs to be identified and cost-benefit analysis is mandatory.

And this is where Migration.team will help you!

We guide you along your way!

We will use our extensive experience in migration of hosting brands for your success

During your M&A process

We help you to evaluate migration opportunities already before you buy any other company

  • Assessment of Migration scenarios
  • Business analysis
  • Technical due dilligence

After Aquisition

We drive your migration projects from initial project setup till scrapping the bare metal

  • Assessment of Migration scenarios
  • Project analysis
  • A to Z management of your project

Day-to-day operations

We also offer classic consultations on daily base

  • Business consulting
  • Strategy & Management ad interim
  • Process & Organisation

During your M&A process

Enhancing your decision quality

We evaluate your migration opportunities as part of your aquisition process by:

  • Analyzing Strengths and Weeknesses of the legacy platform & organization
  • Assessing the Risks and Costs of different Migration scenarios
  • Suggesting a Migration strategy in case such an option makes sense
And there are important questions to be asked before you should decide on any migration:

  • What is the main / real goal you want to achieve?
  • Is it a pure financial driven project?
  • Are there other factors which needs to be considered?
    (e.g. customer satisfaction and loyality, security issues, platform or or long-term market strategies)
  • What are the success factors?
  • How will you measure the success of your migration?

After aquisition

We plan and execute your migration projects

In the planning phase we focus on the scoping and project setup:

  • Scoping the project and set the KPI`s
  • Assessing the Risks and Costs of different Migration scenarios
  • Definition of the target landscape
  • Defining the right team and allocate the ressources

We deliver your migration in the execution phase:

  • Project management
  • Executing and management of all activities
    (customer communication, marketing, support, technical realization)
  • Switch off and commercial clean up
  • Reporting and success analysis

Our approach: Project-reality proven migration framework

Scoping and setup

  • Assessment and Evaluation
    Risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis
  • Check data quality and availabilty of all needed know-how
  • Definition of target landscape and KPIs
  • Map outgoing tariff to target brand
Technical concept

  • Development of technical migration scripts
  • Allocate ressources – Build up the project team
  • Project plan
  • Proof of concept
Execute Migration

  • Project management
  • Steering and management of all teams (development, support, marketing, billing/finance)
  • Plan and execute customer communication
  • Actual technical migration
Rework & Decommissioning

  • Rework and cleanup
  • Closing of old brand
  • Decommissioning of hardware
  • Reporting and project conclusion

Our offer: Standardized – but not „off-the-shelf“

We will always do a project analysis in advance for a one-time fee. This will help you to make the decision about your migration based on best facts. Based on this we will be able to give you a customized offer – streamlined to your individuell needs.

That`s the Migration.team

Veterans of the Hosting Industry

Passionate Project and Product Managers

Together more than 40 years experience in the IT industry

Probably the only Experts in Migration of hosting brands …
OK, maybe there are others somewhere too 😉

Project- and Product-Management Expert and experienced executive.

„It’s always about people.“

Martin Blaha

Senior Consultant, 3P Consulting

Experienced productmanager with strong projectmanagement and user experience background
„stay focussed…“
Daniel Nübling

Business Consultant, dnuebling consulting